What is the 25 times rule for retirement?

The 25-time rule is simply an estimate of how much you'll need to have saved for retirement. Take the amount you want to spend each year in retirement and multiply it by 25. You can usually look at your current salary to get an idea of how long you could comfortably live in retirement. The rule assumes that your retirement savings are invested, such as in a Gold IRA Investments, so that they continue to grow. After all, thanks to inflation, your expenses will increase at least slightly each year and your investments must keep up to date. You can also look for a part-time job with health coverage.

Starbucks and Costco are two of the favorites to extend health insurance to part-time employees or check if you qualify for an industry association that offers group coverage. The 25-time rule is a useful calculation for anyone saving for retirement and provides a general idea of how much savings are needed. While Bengen found that the 4% rule worked well for retirees up to 35 years, it didn't hold up for longer periods of time.